Pack a semi for tornado relief for TN.

Attention all peeps

We have been given an opportunity and many area churches and especially United Worship are joining in.
Next week we are putting a semi trailer over at the Save a Lot in middlefield. The goal is to fill it with non perishables and then to transport it to Nashville to help those in need. This is a crazy opportunity and I am currently looking for contacts down in Nashville to bring supplies to so they can be handed out. I have reached out to a few places and I’m waiting in responses from them. For those who know Nashville it would be awesome if you could reach out to people you know, churches, organizations, etc. we will be bringing at least one trailer down there. If you know of anyone I can get in touch with. Let me know it have them get ahold of me.
This is a crazy opportunity and we are going to have some fun uniting as the Body of Christ up here to help our brothers and sisters out down there. And we will be able to be the hands and feet of Our Lord and Savior to those who don’t even know Him yet. I’m wicked excited.
If you have ideas or questions feel free to IM me.
Let’s do this like a Boss.