Ministry Placement Team

ARTICLE VIII, Section 6: Ministry Placement Team

a. The Ministry Placement Team (MPT) works with the Pastor and Elders to help each member identify and develop their spiritual gifts (I Corinthians 12, Romans 12).
b. The MPT works with the other Ministry Teams to find ministries for each member that fit with their gifts or might provide the opportunity for discovering new gifts.
c. The MPT will oversee the ministries of all members, uplifting them in prayer, encouraging them to grow through their service and develop their gifts.
d. Should a member try a ministry for a few months and feel that this is not where they should serve, the MPT will work to find a replacement (or recommend discontinuing this ministry) and help the member find another form of service in which the member can bless the Congregation and be blessed in the activity.
e. The MPT shall prepare a slate of officers to submit to the Elders as set forth in Article V.