Financial Team

Article VII, Section 2: Financial Ministry Team

a. Prepare an annual budget draft to be presented to the Elders by no later than December of each year, including any salary recommendations to the Elder Board for all Church Staff by no later than December of each year.
b. Have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease, or transfer any real property except by a specific vote of the Church membership authorizing such action.
c. Perform other financial ministry duties as may be assigned by the Elder Board.

Article VII, Section 3: Treasurer

a. Hold in trust all monies belonging to the Church in the appropriate checking, savings, or other type account.
b. Maintain of appropriate records of all expenditures of the Church.
c. Prepare of Monthly Financial Reports for distribution at monthly Trustees’ meetings and preparation of a Year End Financial Statement for presentation to the Congregation.
d. Disburse cash for budgeted expenses, or other amounts in excess of the Church budget when authorized by the Board of Trustees.
e. The Trustees may appoint an Assistant Treasurer if they so choose.

Article VII, Section 4: Financial Secretary

a. Receive all incoming monies and deposit all funds received as directed by the Treasurer, submitting receipts for same to the Treasurer.
b. Keep an accurate account for each Church member and provide each with a yearly statement of account, ensuring that personal contributions remain confidential.
c. The Trustees may appoint an Assistant Financial Secretary if they so choose.