Team Tonga, Frank Bosak

Journey to encourage our brothers and sisters in Tonga

Frank Bosak, a member of our congregation, is Tongaheaded back to the Island Nation of Tonga with Pacific Partners. Tonga, if you didn’t already know, is a small chain of islands about 3 hours Northeast of Auckland, New Zealand. It is known as the “Friendly Islands” because of the warm welcome that was extended to Captain James Cook when he landed there in 1773. Tonga is unique in that it has never lost its sovereignty to a foreign state.

While in Tonga, I will be joining two missionary friends of mine as we seek to encourage the faith of the Christians in Tonga. More specifically, the staff of 93 FM, Letio Faka-Kalisiatane. This radio station seeks to encourage the faith of the believers through broadcasts that reach even the most remote parts of Tonga. 93FM works along side the churches of Tonga to bring unity in the body of Christ.

I will be traveling to Tonga in June 2015. My trip will cost roughly $3000, and I could really use your help to get there. Thank you in advance for joining Team Tonga.

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